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When you are deciding on your bedroom design, you have a few things to think about. You may begin by thinking, what is in style? What would I like? Maybe you and your significant other need to chat about what you each want out of your personal space. Lately, interior designers have been presenting a lot of interesting aesthetics – here at Find.com, we have bedroom furniture online at great prices so you can create your favorite design.

Go Vintage. The best thing about vintage style is you can really create any kind of look at an incredibly affordable price. Vintage style ranges from decade to decade. Depending on your preference, you can recreate a fun, mod inspired vintage 60’s bedroom with a wallpapered accent wall, teak beside tables and boho accents. Or if you prefer a more 80’s vintage, you can throw in some floral print bedding, some wicker end tables and call it a day. Vintage is limitless! And you can create a fun look at an affordable price.

Vintage Furniture

Create a retreat. Your bedroom is the place where you kick back and relax. Too many of us make the mistake of using our bedrooms as a place to drop everything and store our things. But in reality, we should create a personal retreat. The perfect way to do that would be to incorporate color contrasts. For instance, teal and pink are a fun color contrast. Or eggplant and yellow. We love dark stained furniture like dressers and bed frames with lighter accents. Imagine a dark stained bedroom set with light blue walls and white accents like lamps and frames. You will feel relaxed and at home in your personal retreat.

Retreat Furniture

Romantic Decor. The definition of “romantic” is different for everyone but when you think of romantic decor, most people imagine red and pink! We have a different idea of what romantic really means. We are thinking hard and soft with a splash of metallic! Gold, silver or bronze; we love them all! A nice metallic framed mirror is such a statement piece, and you can easily create metallic end tables with a splash of paint. This creates a luxurious and romantic bedroom look.

Romantic Furniture

Make a theme. And we aren’t saying it has to be an obvious theme, either. When you think of theme, you probably think of when you were a child and wanted your room to reflect your favorite cartoon or color of the time. Well, it doesn’t have to be like that! When we think of “theme” we think of things like rustic style or personal interests with DIY flare. With a rustic style, you can incorporate distressed wood furniture and create your own stained finish on your furniture. With your family in mind, you can add in a lot of family photos and canvases to create a nostalgic and historic type of room.

Theme Furniture

Invest in a Headboard. Headboards are so interesting and can completely change a room. You have so many options, too! From the modern arch headboard, the fabric/upholstered headboard to the cherry wood headboard. You can choose from masculine or feminine or a combination of the two. You have so many chic options to choose from!


Redesigning your bedroom can be tough. This is your personal space and reflects your style. With online furniture at Find.com, you can find what you are looking for and achieve the dream look you have always wanted!